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Divisions: Ethnicity and Race in Communication
  • Federico Subervi Chair

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  • Anamik Saha Vice Chair

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    Department of Media and Communications
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  • Sudeshna Roy Secretary

    Stephen F Austin State University
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The Ethnicity and Race in Communication Division is concerned with methodological approaches and research that apply, extend or develop communication theory and analysis through an examination of race and ethnicity within local, international and transnational contexts.

The division also works to advocate for the improved status, representation and opportunities for underrepresented scholars in communication.


May 2015 ERIC Division Newsletter


¡Bienvenidos a Puerto Rico!


On May 21, a short week from today, the 65th ICA annual conference will officially begin at the Caribe Hilton Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I look forward to greeting all ERIC members who attend, and to join the lively presentations and discussions during the multiple sessions of our Division and many others throughout the conference.  You will also catch me at the six special sessions about communication issues related to Puerto Rico, which is my home country.  One of those sessions, sponsored by the Urban Communication Foundation, will include the participation of the Honorable Carmen Yulín Cruz, the Mayor of San Juan, as well as Luis García Pelatti, the President of the Puerto Rico Planning Board, among others.


Please check the ICA program for the days and times of all the ERIC Division sessions, including the pre-conference co-sponsored session dedicated to Stuart Hall and the future of media & cultural studies.  Two events at which I hope to see all ERIC members together are the business meeting on Friday, May 22 from 16:30-17:45 (San Cristobal Ballroom D), and the multi-Division social, which will follow offsite immediately after the business meeting.  That social will take place at the Bahía Urbana, located 1.9 mile from the Caribe Hilton (10 minutes by taxi, 37 minutes walking—not recommended).  


At the business meeting, please be sure to see Miyase Christensen, ERIC Chair, to get your ticket for onecomplementary drink.  Some appetizers will be available, but limited and you must have your nametag at all times in order to have access to those local delicacies.  A highlight of the social gathering will be a live music band that will entertain us for a couple of hours with salsa, merengue, bachata, and other great local music.  So bring your dancing shoes and be ready for mingling with our Philosophy, Theory, Critique; Visual Communication Studies; Popular Communication; Feminist Scholarship; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Studies Division colleagues.


During the year, there have been extremely few responses to requests for news and information from our ERIC members.  While I know you all are accomplishing great things, including generating research and publishing articles and books, news about that has not made it my way.  I’ve also been very busy and had not made the time to share my accomplishments. And given how busy I’ve been assisting with many other ICA conference events, it is not until now that I’ve made time for this newsletter. 


One indispensable announcement is that our Division will need a new secretary or co-secretaries immediately to help precisely with the gathering and dissemination of our members’ news and information; also to share postings about conference and events of interest to our Division.  At the business meeting in San Juan, we hope to recruit one or two volunteers to take on that task. (See job description below)


The only other news I have for sharing is from professor Clara Rodríguez (Fordham University,, who is interested in speaking or corresponding with others who have done studies assessing if the exportation of US television programs introduce or reinforce American style racial/ethnic and/or gender inequality in other countries.  Among the research questions she seeks to answer are: How do our exported US-TV entertainment programs affect the views of people from other countries about “otherness,” immigrants, gender, and/or racial/ethnic minority groups in the US and also in their countries?  And do these views change once these global viewers come to the US?   Please contact her directly if you wish to share your knowledge or research in such matters.


See you in San Juan next week, or in Fukuoka, Japan, June 9-13, 2016.


Federico Subervi, VC of ERIC
ERIC Division Co-Secretary positions open

A Co-Secretary (Web) is responsible for updating and maintaining the Eric Division’s website.  The website should be updated regularly with new job announcements (which are often sent by other Division members), conference calls and, after conferences, the site should be updated with meeting minutes and photos.  Updating and maintaining the website requires an understanding of the WordPress platform and basic HTML skills.  In addition, a Co-Secretary should volunteer as a paper reviewer for the Division’s annual conference, and attend the Division’s pre-conference activities. A Co-Secretary will also be expected to chair one of the Division’s panels or roundtables at the annual Convention.  Lastly, a Co-Secretary should be willing and able to perform other duties as asked/assigned by the Division Chair/Vice-Chair.  A Co-Secretary is a two-year term and begins at the close of the San Juan conference and continue through to the end of the San Diego conference in 2017.  

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