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Divisions: Interpersonal Communication
  • Ascan Koerner Chair

    U of Minnesota
    Communication Studies
    225 Ford Hall
    Minneapolis MN  55455
    Ph. 612-624-4030  Fax 612-624-6544

  • Jennifer Samp Vice Chair

    U of Georgia
    Dept of Communication Studies
    600 Caldwell Hall
    Athens GA  30602
    Ph. 706-542-4893  Fax 706-542-3245

  • Keli Steuber Secretary

    University of Iowa
    Communication Studies
    105 Becker Communication Studies Building
    Iowa City IA  52245
    Ph. 609-405-7815  Fax


The Interpersonal Communication Division is interested in communication processes that occur between people. Such processes include (but are not limited to) mutual influence, individuals' aptations to others, people's interpretations and reactions to others' messages, and so forth. Interpersonal communication occurs in many contexts, such as close relationships, organizations, health, intercultural, intergroup, and many others.  Interpersonal communication also occurs through a variety of channels, including face-to-face interaction, telephone conversations, and interactions via computers.

The division's goal is to encourage theoretical and practical advances in the study of interpersonal communication.

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Jessica Frampton joined the group Divisions: Interpersonal Communication.
Posted Thursday, January 19, 2017

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