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Divisions: Philosophy, Theory and Critique
  • Alison Hearn Chair

    U of Western Ontario
    Faculty of Information and Media Studies
    North Campus Building Room 240
    London ON  MN6A 5B7
    Ph. 519-661-2111  Fax 519-662-3506

  • Mirca Madianou Vice Chair

    Goldsmiths College, University of London
    Department of Media & Communications
    New Cross
    London   SE14 6NW
    Ph.   Fax


Philosophy, Theory and Critique is broadly concerned with critical thinking that cuts across the various boundaries within the study of communication and its intersections with other modes of studying human interaction.

Consequently, it provides a forum in which scholars can explore the relations and intersections between the study of media and communication and the range of contemporary theoretical and philosophical concerns, arguments and positions. It is also committed to providing a space for those emergent interests challenging the common sense assumptions currently guiding our understanding of the practice of communication.

Its members come from many areas and subfields. The philosophical questions they raise vary greatly: from the nature of language, subjectivity or experience, to the epistemology of science and interpretation, to the politics of knowledge and communicative relations. Members bring many different philosophical orientations to bear upon these questions, including phenomenology and hermeneutics, Marxism, feminism, critical theory, media theory, post-structuralism, pragmatism, social theory and cultural critique. The Division seeks exchange, education and conversation, and it encourages tending to the differences produced by these differing orientations.

The result is that the Division offers a lively forum for contemporary ideas in the study of media and communication.

Group Feed
Alison Hearn wrote on the Divisions: Philosophy, Theory and Critique wall: The Department of Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is hiring a tenure-track Assistant Professor for fall 2017. Details can be found at:
Posted Saturday, January 14, 2017

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