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ICA Fellows

Selection Criteria: 

Fellow status in the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION ASSOCIATION is primarily a recognition of distinguished scholarly contributions to the broad field of communication. The primary consideration for nomination to Fellow status is a documented record of scholarly achievement. 

Secondary consideration is given to such criteria as service to the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION ASSOCIATION and socially or professionally significant service to other publics such as business, government, education, etc.

Nomination Procedures:

The nomination period will begin at least six months prior to the date of ICA's Annual Conference, and will end on 15 February. During this time, ICA members are invited to submit their nominations to the Fellow Nominating Committee (FNC). Any member of the Association or any collective group of members may submit nominations. 

  • A nominee must be an ICA member 
  • Nominations should be submitted formally by letter. A typical nomination letter details the reasons that the candidate should be elected ICA Fellow. It should include a copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae, at least two (but not more than four) additional letters of recommendation from leading scholars in the field, and any other materials that help demonstrate significant scholarly contributions to the field of communication and/or the International Communication Association.
  • Submitters are asked to submit all nomination word documents in a single PDF file

Nominations and supporting documents must be received by the Chair of the FNC at least four months prior to the date of the Annual Conference at which election is proposed.

Send Nominations to:

Jennifer Le

Current ICA Fellows include:

  • James A. Anderson, U of Utah, Fellow
  • Charles Atkin (Deceased)Fellow
  • Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach, U of Southern California, Fellow
  • Janet Bavelas, U of Victoria, Fellow
  • Samuel L. Becker (Deceased)Fellow
  • W. Lance Bennett, U of Washington, Fellow
  • Charles R. Berger, U of California - Davis, Fellow
  • Elizabeth Bird, U of South Florida, Fellow
  • Jay George Blumler, U of Leeds, Fellow
  • Franklin J. Boster, Michigan State U, Fellow
  • James Bradac (Deceased)Fellow
  • Sandra Braman, Texas A&M University, Fellow
  • Jennings Bryant, U of Alabama, Fellow
  • Judee K. Burgoon, U of Arizona, Fellow
  • Michael Burgoon (Deceased)Fellow
  • Brant R. Burleson (Deceased)Fellow
  • Patrice M. Buzzanell, Purdue U, Fellow
  • Sandra L. Calvert, Georgetown U, Fellow
  • Joanne Cantor, U of Wisconsin - Madison, Fellow
  • Joseph N. Cappella, U of Pennsylvania, Fellow
  • James W. Carey (Deceased)Fellow
  • Steve Chaffee (Deceased)Fellow
  • Joseph M. Chan, Chinese U - Hong Kong, Fellow
  • Ruth Anne Clark, U of Illinois, Fellow
  • Akiba A. Cohen, Tel Aviv University, Fellow
  • Noshir S. Contractor, Northwestern U, Fellow
  • Francois Cooren, U de Montreal, Fellow
  • Robert T. Craig, U of Colorado - Boulder, Fellow
  • James Curran, Goldsmiths, U of London, Fellow
  • John Daly, U of Texas - Austin, Fellow
  • Frank E. X. Dance, U of Denver, Fellow
  • Stanley A. Deetz, , Fellow
  • Brenda Dervin, Ohio State University, Fellow
  • James Price Dillard, Pennsylvania State U, Fellow
  • William A Donohue, Michigan State University, Fellow
  • Wolfgang Donsbach (Deceased)Fellow
  • Kirsten Drotner, U of Southern Denmark, Fellow
  • Steve Duck, U of Iowa, Fellow
  • William H. Dutton, Michigan State University, Fellow
  • Don Ellis, U of Hartford, Fellow
  • David R. Ewoldsen, Michigan State University, Fellow
  • Gail Fairhurst, U of Cincinnati, Fellow
  • Edward L. Fink, Temple University, Fellow
  • Mary Anne Fitzpatrick, U of South Carolina, Fellow
  • Janet Fulk, U of Southern California, Fellow
  • Cindy Gallois, U of Queensland, Fellow
  • George Gerbner (Deceased)Fellow
  • Howard Giles, U of California - Santa Barbara, Fellow
  • Robert S. Goyer, Ohio U/Arizona State U, Fellow
  • Doris Graber, U of Illinois - Chicago, Fellow
  • Bradley S. Greenberg, Michigan State U, Fellow
  • Larry Gross, U of Southern California, Fellow
  • Lawrence Grossberg, U of North Carolina, Fellow
  • William B. Gudykunst (Deceased)Fellow
  • Cees J. Hamelink, U of Amsterdam, Fellow
  • Randall Harrison (Deceased)Fellow
  • Roderick P. Hart, U of Texas - Austin, Fellow
  • John Hartley, Curtin University, Fellow
  • Robert Hornik, U of Pennsylvania, Fellow
  • Youichi Ito, Akita International U, Fellow
  • Kathleen Hall Jamieson, U of Pennsylvania, Fellow
  • Steven Jones, U of Illinois - Chicago, Fellow
  • Elihu Katz, U of Pennsylvania, Fellow
  • James E. Katz, Boston University, Fellow
  • Hans Mathias Kepplinger, Johannes Gutenberg U, Fellow
  • Hak-Soo Kim, Sogang U - Seoul, Fellow
  • Young Yun Kim, U of Oklahoma, Fellow
  • Mark L. Knapp, U of Texas - Austin, Fellow
  • Klaus Krippendorff, U of Pennsylvania, Fellow
  • Annie Lang, Indiana U, Fellow
  • Dafna Lemish, Rutgers U, Fellow
  • Rich Ling, Nanyang Technological University/Telenor, Fellow
  • Sonia Livingstone, London School of Economics and Political Science, Fellow
  • Nathan Maccoby (Deceased)Fellow
  • Ifat Maoz, Hebrew U, Fellow
  • Maxwell McCombs, U of Texas - Austin, Fellow
  • James C. McCroskey (Deceased)Fellow
  • Jack M. McLeod, U of Wisconsin, Fellow
  • Gerald R. Miller (Deceased)Fellow
  • Peter Monge, U of Southern California, Fellow
  • Patricia Moy, U of Washington, Fellow
  • Dennis K. Mumby, U of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Fellow
  • Elwood Murray (Deceased)Fellow
  • Jon F. Nussbaum, Pennsylvania State U, Fellow
  • Mary Beth Oliver, Pennsylvania State U, Fellow
  • Malcolm R. Parks, U of Washington, Fellow
  • John Durham Peters, U of Iowa, Fellow
  • Marshall Scott Poole, U of Illinois, Fellow
  • Linda L. Putnam, U of California-Santa Barbara, Fellow
  • Janice Radway, Northwestern U, Fellow
  • W. Charles Redding (Deceased)Fellow
  • Byron Reeves, Stanford U, Fellow
  • Ronald E. Rice, U of California - Santa Barbara, Fellow
  • Everett M. Rogers (Deceased)Fellow
  • Michael E. Roloff, Northwestern U, Fellow
  • Karl Erik Rosengren (Deceased)Fellow
  • Alan M. Rubin, Kent State U, Fellow
  • Dietram A. Scheufele, U of Wisconsin - Madison, Fellow
  • Winfried Schulz, U of Erlangen-Nuernberg, Fellow
  • David R. Seibold, U of California - Santa Barbara, Fellow
  • Dhavan Shah, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, Fellow
  • Michael D. Slater, Ohio State U, Fellow
  • Sandi W Smith, Michigan State U, Fellow
  • Cynthia Stohl, U of California - Santa Barbara, Fellows Chair
  • Joseph D. Straubhaar, U of Texas - Austin, Fellow
  • James R. Taylor, U de Montreal, Fellow
  • Phillip K. Tompkins, U of Colorado, Fellow
  • Karen Tracy, U of Colorado, Fellow
  • Joseph Turow, U of Pennsylvania, Fellow
  • Patti M. Valkenburg, University of Amsterdam, Fellow
  • K. Viswanath, Harvard School of Public Health, Fellow
  • Peter Vorderer, U of Mannheim, Fellow
  • Joseph B. Walther, Nanyang Technological University, Fellow
  • Ellen Wartella, Northwestern U , Fellow
  • David H. Weaver, Indiana U, Fellow
  • Osmo A. Wiio (Deceased)Fellow
  • Frederick D. Williams (Deceased)Fellow
  • Barbara J. Wilson, U of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign, Fellow
  • Steven Robert Wilson, Purdue U, Fellow
  • Barbie Zelizer, U of Pennsylvania, Fellow

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